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Live-in Care 

Round-the-clock live-in care tailored to your needs. 
Sometimes, everyday tasks become too much to manage alone. We are here to take care of the little things, so you can get back to what is important. If you need full-time professional care, but want to remain at home, live-in care is the ideal solution. We provide live-in care for people of all ages with a variety needs. 
Our live-in care services are here for those who need dedicated, round-the-clock care and support. We pride ourselves on enabling our customers to remain in the comfort and security of their own homes with a carefully matched carer. 

Our service provides you with: 

A fully assessed carer you can trust. 
A personal, bespoke service tailored to your individual needs. 
Enables you to stay in your own home with peace of mind that everything is taken care of from grocery shopping to medical appointments, to help with personal care. 

Standard Live-in Care 

Recommended for: 
Those who need some support with household tasks and assistance around the home, as well as companionship. 
With Standard Live-in Care, the carer may also be able to help with some limited additional needs such as more extensive personal care or help with challenging behaviour, depending on what is involved. 
What Standard Live-in Care includes: 
Household tasks and maintenance. 
Personal care – dressing and grooming. 
Friendship and companionship. 
Up to two nightly wake-ups. 

Complex High Dependency Live-in Care 

Recommended for: 
Those who need a bit more personal support, especially during the night. Or those who are living with dementia or other life-changing conditions. 
What Complex High Dependency Live-in Care includes: 
With Complex High Dependency Live-in Care, your carer will anticipate the need to wake up in the night and will be ready to provide more extensive personal care. 
Household tasks and maintenance. 
More extensive personal care, including help with a stoma, peg or catheter. 
Up to four nightly wake-ups. 
Hoisting – provided it can be done by one person. 
Help with challenging behaviour, such as refusal to take medication. 
Carer breaks to work around the care schedule. 

Specialist Live-in Care (Ventilated Clients) 

Recommended for: 
Those in need of significant support, throughout the day and night. Typically, for those with advanced needs, who require continuous and specialist assistance. 
What Specialist Live-in Care includes: 
Specialist Live-in Care is designed for those with highly advanced requirements who need constant care 24-hours a day. 
Live-in carer for round-the-clock help. 
Household tasks and maintenance. 
More extensive personal care, including help with a stoma, peg or catheter. 
Hoisting – providing it can be done by one person. 
Help with challenging behaviour. 
Carer breaks designed to work around the care schedule. HASCS can provide cover for the carer’s break. 
Please contact us to speak to a member of our friendly, professional team about your specific needs or requirements on 03300 020 773. Alternatively email us at info@rcrsolutions.org.uk or contact us through our contact form. 
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